Ed WainwrightHello, My name is Ed Wainwright, MH-Gear is a company I set up to personalize Polo and Tee Shirts for Mended Hearts Chapters to use in their Events, Members, and Visitors.  Members originally ordered them online at the Cardiacjoy.com website, but the Nursing Tee Shirts overwhelmed the Mended Hearts Chapter items so I have split them apart. CardiacJoy.com was my way of honoring and thanking the many Nurses and PA’s that helped me along the Journey from Heart attach to Transplant and beyond.

My Goal is to provide you with Chapter Personalized Shirts, Hats, Bags, Cups and Mouse Pads for your Mended Hearts Chapter. If you do not see the item you would like or want some special personalization email me and I will do my best to accommodate you.

I joined Mended Hearts after I received the Gift of Life from an unidentified Donor. My Heart Transplant is now 8 ears old and doing fine. I think the Donor and his family they have allowed my time to enjoy my grandsons, and my great grandchildren.

Shortly after I received my transplant the Doctors told me to find a Support Group. The closest group was Mended Hearts or Orlando.  I met a fellow heart patient from Kissimmee, and he thought we should get a Chapter started in Osceola County.  6 months later we received our charter, Chapter 364 Mended Hearts of Osceola.

I have been embroidering Polo shirts for the local ISM Association ISM-CF since 1989 and in 2012 I combined my computer skills, a Silhouette  Cameo craft cutter and a Heat Press to personalize shirts and bags more efficiently and in larger embellishments. In addition to the standard designs I can create custom designs from your artwork and would love to assist you.

During a Cluster meeting (a regional shared educational event) several members from other chapters asked f I could make shirts for them, and a small business was created.

I use a combination of Heat Transfer Printing Techniques; including Cad-Cut materials, Screen Printed Transfers, and Stock Screen Printed Transfers.  The Cad-Cut allows the greatest flexibility in personalization and short runs, the Custom Screen printed Transfers the lowest cost in larger quantities.

You may know me from the Mended Hearts National Conference, the guy with the Green Screen giving away the free Souvenir Photographs.

A portion of each MH-Gear item sold is donated to Mended Hearts to help them provide the peer to peer support.Intrepid CVS-11 Main Battery Plot

I am also a Vietnam Vet, serving on the Intrepid (CVS-11) at both Yankee Station and Dixie Station, as a Gun Fire Control Striker (FTG-SN) After completing my active duty I returned to Long Island Oyster Farms, Aqua Culture Hatchery located in Oyster Bay. We grew Alga, Clams, Oysters, Scallops, Shrimp, and even Brine Shrimp (to feed the Shrimp as they grew). I worked for El AL (Israel) Airlines at JFK as a Passenger Agent, and for Nassau County Community College as a Lab Assistant,

I moved to Florida to attend USF and become a Science Teacher, and Taught at Hudson High School for 4 years.  I then joined the Walt Disney World Cast as a ride operator and the following year moved into the Procurement Department.  In 2001 I started working for Lockheed Martin as a Technical buyers (computer, software, and maintenance contracts).  In August of 2002 I had a heart attack that left me on Disability waiting for a Heart Transplant. In August of 2009 I received my Transplant at Shands UF.

Thank You for visiting my About page and I hope I can for full you needs and desires.

Ed wainwright